Four years ago in 2009, we made a United Bamboo calendar with cats wearing miniature replica United Bamboo collection runway outfits. It was originally meant to be a promotional item and everyone wanted one. In 2010 we took it a little more seriously and made it as an official product which had an overwhelmingly positive response. In 2012 we thought the world was sick of cats in United Bamboo so we didn’t do anything. But to our surprise, people kept asking about it.

Due to popular demand, in 2013 we decided to get the team back together, Photographer Noah Sheldon and Designer Studio Lin, to fully embrace the idea of photographing cats in miniature replica runway collection outfits, except this time, spin it off as its own brand called Catclub by United Bamboo. Catclub will be products with pictures of cats wearing United Bamboo. There will be many more products in the future and they will be all designed with serious intention and commitment to quality.

  • Plus Nyan House










    So get this…

    A leading house builder in Japan, Asahi Kasei, designed the Plus Nyan House with cats in mind! Not only are there open air cat walks in high up places, hidden nooks for cats to hide out, cat doors in every room of the house, a litter box incorporated into the bathroom and fenced around outdoor space – but the materials used to build the house were equally as thought through, using scratch free wood, for example. Bravo Asahi Kasei…Bravo.